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Lara's concerts at the M.I.P.A.C.
by Michelle TAWADA

Lara's concerts at the Moscow International Performing Arts Center
April 27th & 28th, 2004


...The two nights of concerts were amazing. This was the first time that I saw and heard LARA live in concert. What an amazing feeling it was to get ready for all of this. When I stepped inside the hall and saw all the lights and sound equipment, "it finally hit me that I was really there". Sitting in my seat... I just could not believe that in a few moments, I would be emersed into the beauty of LARA's music and soul.

Lara was barefoot and wearing her beautiful black slip. Her hair straight, just like in the DVD. Beautiful. Just breathtaking !

In my opinion, the 1st concert was amazing but the 2nd was just a masterpiece. Vocally, she sounded to be in a wonderful condition. Truly, each and every piece was a unique piece of art. They had their own soul. That's the unique part about Lara. She can interpret each song with such delicate and refined skill. Which I believe is because she sings through such a pure soul.

In the 1st concert, I felt some nervousness from Lara and the musicians. (Well, who wouldn't be when it's their 1st performance in Russia !!!). There were audio difficulties and timing with some things weren't as perfect as it could have been. But overall, the concert was amazing. Seeing her upclose was just a treat. I had the aisle seat so I had a really great view of her.

In the 2nd concert, from the first note, I could feel her freedom and that she wasn't nervous. I think that she didn't have to be nervous about how the Russian audience will receive her because of such wonderful response from the night before. The sound from where we were sitting (3rd row ampitheater) was amazing. It took my breath away. Since in the first concert, I was in the 4th row, the sound from the speakers went past me yet it still was amazing. She completely let herself go and into the music. It was such a wonderful feeling see her like that-with no nervous feeling and to see her enjoy singing her soul out to us. It was just magical. I will never forget this concert.

Program :

J'y crois encore
Aimer Déja
Comme ils disent
Starmania Medley
Si tu m'aimes/Parce que tu pars
Duet (guest french male singer)*
Calling You
La Traviata
Voir un ami pleurer
Je t'aime
Je suis malade
My Funny Valentine

*(only in 2nd concert) - I know his face but I don't know his name and the title of the song... It's wasn't : "Tu es mon autre". To be honest, I hope I didn't forget a song.. I might be missing one between "My Funny Valentine" and "Bambina", but I'm not sure...if I did... I really can't remember what it was or think of what it could be...sorry !!! (lol)


Sunday, April 25th 2004

...My taxi picks me up at 3:05pm and off we are to the airport. There are many airports in Moscow and I've never been to this particular one. As I'm sitting in the taxi, all I could think about was the fact that Lara was on the plane probably already in Russian territory. Couldn't believe that in about a hour, she would be arriving! The journey took about 50min. I arrived at the airport a little before 4pm and had no problem finding the VIP Lounge entrance. I had to meet someone but I couldn't get a hold of them on the cell the whole time I was at the airport.

Anyway, then I notice the beautiful white stretch limo that has just parked on the side. Everybody in the airport was looking at it. I noticed 2 photographers by the limo. I thought, "Ok.. well that's good..." I was told that there would be many photographers...but I didn't see any... I saw people come and go from the VIP lounge but didn't see any press people... I was getting a tad bit worried because I didn't know if they knew something that I didn't ! (lol)

I wanted to buy flowers for LARA before my taxi picked me up but it didn't work out so I thought I would be able to buy it at the airport. Unfortunately, the one I found was closed because the lady was out on her lunch break... but she was really late to come back (nothing new about that). Then I decided to ask a security guard who was walking by and he told me that there was one at the end of the airport. I thanked him and started to walk fast... WHEN...

In my peripheral vision, I see some people coming out of the VIP Lounge... Then I realize that it's LARA !!! I couldn't believe it... had I taken 2 more steps, I wouldn't have seen her and I would have missed her ! She arrived 20 minutes earlier than expected !! My heart literally stopped for a second or two before I realized that I need to go up to her and give her my gift bag ! She was talking in French with a man and I went up to her welcomed her to Moscow. When I gave her my gift bag, she looked very surprised to see me there and thanked me many times. This moment was so unexpected because I thought there would be a crowd and I would just be able to hand her my gift(with letters from other fans). So I blurted out things like, "I hope you'll have a wonderful time here in Moscow" She thanked me and even said it in Russian, "Spasiba" (Traduction : THANK YOU SO MUCH). That was a wonderful surprise ! And I think I might have said something about how I can't wait to see her in concert (lol).

Then I realized that I should take that opportunity to try to ask if it was possible to take a photo with her. I was able to and the lady who took was taking the photo was having a little trouble with my digital camera but Lara was so patient and nice. =) I thanked her so many times and I don't know why the last thank you turned out to be in French... Stupid me... probably I had some awful accent or something (lol).

I quickly checked my camera to see if I got the pic... and surprised to find 3 !! I decided to take photos of the limo pulling out hehe. You can't imagine what I was feeling then... I just couldn't believe it... Now, I had to find a way to get back home. I decided to take a taxi back even though it cost a bit because in the state I was in... I knew I couldn't think straight enough to try to find my way home.

My taxi even passed Lara's limo on the way back into the center of Moscow ! (lol).


Tuesday, Avril 27th 2004

...My friend and I arrived at the concert hall at 6:15pm. Took some pictures in front of the M.I.P.A.C.

When I stepped into the hall, I just saw all the sound and light equipment and realized that this dream of finally hearing Lara live is coming true. We found our seats (4th row of parter). Sat down and looked at the stage... it was set up as the "EN TOUTE INTIMITE CONCERT" ! I knew it was a concert for "En Toute Intimité" but was expecting to see the stage setting for a chamber orchestra (because that's what was posted on the official concert hall web site). I just sat there looking around at the hall and thinking, "WOW... I'm really here...!".

The anticipation really started to build up when the lights when down around 7:20pm and knowing that at any moment, Lara would be walking through that door...

Jérémy Jouniaux and Néomi Lecampion walked onto the stage and walked to their places.
Then, I heard the magical cello introduction of "J'y crois encore"...

Lara came out barefoot wearing her beautiful black slip and bowed to the audience. She was BEAUTIFUL. Her heavenly voice filling the hall. I couldn't believe that she was there in front of me singing a few feet away...

In the begining of the concert, there seemed to be some audio difficulties which bothered Lara a bit. She kept giving signs to the audio engineer. But she continued to sing wonderfully. After a few songs, she became more relaxed and free.The Russian audience was really excited to hear her. They were a VERY enthusiastic crowd. It was such a wonderful feeling to hear them cheer,clap, and welcome our Lara to Moskva. She said "SPASIBA" ("THANK YOU" in Russian) many times.

At the end of "Je T'Aime",I went up to present Lara with a bouquet of red roses. She saw me and walked towards me to receive the flowers. Right when I gave her the flowers she said, "Thank you Michelle !" and she most gently put her hand on my arm. My heart skipped a beat because she had said my name !! (I had written a letter to her and put it in my gift bag that I was able to give her at the airport). I couldn't believe she remembered me !!! (Sorry that it's blurry) !

Her hand was cold... I can't imagine how cold she must have been wearing only a slip and barefoot !!!
(ha ha ha !!!)

There was a point during the concert where I thought, "Wait... did I just see her eyes sparkle ??" A friend of mine was telling me about how he thought he saw her eyes sparkle during a concert but it was unfortunately glitter on her eyes. But honest to God, I saw her eyes sparkle for a couple of seconds. I was in disbelief... I wish I remembered what song she was singing... but that was just amazing. I know for sure that it wasn't glitter. I wish all of you were able to see that.

After the concert, I went to the backstage entrance where here limo was waiting. There were about 5 other fans waiting as well. When she finally came out, she took the time to sign for everyone.

I had my ticket and the picture that I took with her at the airport. She came and signed my ticket. Then started to sign the picture when she saw the picture and realized that it was me. (I have to explain here that in a P.S. in my letter, I had written about my chamber music graduation exam being postponed from the 26th to the 28th. and " I know that I will have lots of luck from hearing you in concert the night before.

*wink* Then, after the concert, I will be able to celebrate in a special way by once again hearing you concert ! How wonderful is that ! Thank you Lara from the bottom of my heart.")
She then said, "Oh Michelle, your exam is tomorrow ! Good luck !" I couldn't believe that she remembered and the fact that she was so nice to even wish me luck !! I was in heaven.

Then she signed her autograph for another fan and during that time, I noticed that I didn't have the cap to my pen. (It was a 2-sided pen). And STUPID and SILLY me, I asked Lara, "Do you have my cap ?"
She was like, "no, no" and opened her hands. She said, " I think it's on the pen~" Stupid me, I said, " no, hmm..actually there should be another cap..." And she said, "let me see, here..." and she popped off the cap which was on the smaller cap. I felt SOOOOOOOO stupid !!! She was laughing and I was like, "I'm so sorry !!!" ahahaha... That was SOOOOO embarassing...

Hey, I'm only human... LOL But gosh... not in front of Lara !!! ahaha


Wednesday, April 28th 2004

We got to the concert hall around 6:30pm and sat in the 3rd row of the ampitheater. Concert started at around 7:20pm with Jérémy Jouniaux and Néomi Lecampion walking onto the stage and to their places. Again, the wonderful introduction of the cello and the heavenly angel appeared...

J'y crois encore - When she sang "J'y crois encore, on est vivant tant qu'on est fort..." It felt like my soul opened up by the beauty of her singing. It was like a flower blossoming. I felt such warmth and love from that moment on. The whole song was AMAZING. The passion in the last part was incredible.

Aimer déjà - She sang this song with such fluidity and sincere emotion. When she sang the culmination of the song, her voice just soared filling the hall and our hearts. WOW !!!

Comme ils disent - Lara interpreted this song wonderfully. She immediately was in character and shared us this personal story of this gay young boy ...

Starmania Medley - I will never forget how she sang the opening notes. Standing on the little table, from out of nowhere, this angelic voice caressed the notes of the music. I will always remember that beauty. Every note sung with such freedom and emotion.

Tout - What can I say... beautiful performance. Such sensitive feeling of music. I loved it.

Caruso - Amazing performance as well. I loved the performance during the 1st concert, maybe also because I was able to see her up close and experience it in a more of a "up-close" way. The passion that she has is Indescribable...

Si tu m'aimes / parce que tu pars - I loved when she opened up to "Parce que tu pars". That was amazing... Feeling her personal pain, emotion, passion...

Duet* - Unfortunately, I don't know the name of this french male singer. I have seen him many time son Russian TV singing with a Russian artist... I also do not know the title of the song... These are also the times where I wish I knew French...

*After investigation, the song was "LA CHANSON DES VIEUX AMANTS" from Jacques BREL with NILDA FERNANDEZ.

Immortelle - " Si perdu dans le ciel, il ne me restait qu'une aile… tu serais celle-là..." Wow... this song was filled with such beautiful harmony and emotion. It was a really wonderful piece of work. The musicians and Lara became as one especially in this piece. It was beautiful.

**After she sung the last note of "Immortelle" she sort of had her mic artistically above her head and it caused the mic to (I forgot the word but make that awful and painful ping sound)and it was extremely sharp. We gasped when we saw Lara react to that. She turned her back to the audience and just stood for a very long time. I was hoping that it didn't affect her ear because it was REALLY a sharp and loud sound. She just stood there and I didn't know what would happen next..I thought she was going to walk off stage when she started walking to the door. But she went to the piano where she had some tissues,water, and other things.She did something and after some moment walked back to center stage and was ready to sing. I couldn't believe how professional she was. A true artist. I know that the sound must have hurt her ears.**

Calling you - I've always liked this song and to hear Lara's interpretation was wonderful. She really let go of herself and did some beautiful passages in this song.

La traviata - Showing her wonderful classical background in this performance. Going back to her roots. BRAVO LARA !

Voir un ami pleurer - This performance was a little more intimate than in the first concert in my opinion. It was very refined and personal like in her DVD. She touched such a personal part of the soul during this performance.

Je t'aime - What can I say about this ? Only that " ON T'AIME LARA". Such a wonderful song,such a beautiful person, such a wonderful performance. It's one of her greatest songs.

Je suis malade - The performance we all waited for hehe. Something very special happened. The mic stand mic was put into place. The pianist started to play the painful but yet beautiful introduction... Lara walks to the mic and puts her hands on the mic to sing... we hear Lara gasp !!! The mic popped out of the holder !!! At first we were all shocked because we were waiting to hear the opening... "Je ne reve plus, je ne fume plus..." we hear her gasp ! Then she starts laughing and we did too when we understood that her mic popped out ! It was so cute ! She said something like, "Spring mic" and then something in french. And Jeremy played some comical sounding chords. She tired to get back into character but you could see her giggling. It was the cutest thing I have ever seen. Our adorable Lara. Then Jeremey started over again and I was amazed at Lara's professionalism. She quickly changed as though nothing had happened. A true artist. Then the most awaited moment... Jeremey leave the stage and Lara shows us her gift from God. The acapella part was one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. She completely bared her soul to us with such passion and voice. WOW... I cannot find words to describe that moment. Masterpiece. Breathtaking...

My Funny Valentine - This is the first time that I heard this Johnny Mathis song in complete form. I remember seeing & hearing it a little in the bonus feature of the " En Toute Intimité " DVD and thinking, " Wow...I would like to hear that live." It came true. I have heard many opinions about this performance but in my opinion, it was absolutely wonderful. For me, it was one of the highlights of the concerts. The music is SO beautiful. She sang it SOOOOOOO beautifully. It touched my heart SO much. I just sat there in amazement of the her beauty, of the music, and her voice...just happiness. It was one of the most beautiful moments of the concert( at least for me).

Bambina - This was also another highlight of the concert for me. Utterly beautiful. She just let her voice soar with such beauty. The freedom of the song just filled our hearts with joy and happiness. It was a wonderful way of ending the concert. Bravo Lara! Magnificent !!!

After the concert, my friend and I waited again at the backstage exit by her limo. This time there were LOTS of russian fans. Screaming and jumping hoping to see the angel herself. They had to call security to stand outside and make a path for Lara to get to the limo. I had some letters to give her and I put them in an envelope. On the front of the envelope, I had taped on 2 pretty paper butterflies. I was worrying that I wouldn't be able to give it to her because of all the security. When she came out guards were taking her to the limo and it looked like she was apologizing to the fans that she couldn't sign anything because of the guards wisking her away.I was closest to the limo and I just put out the envelope under the guards arms. She kinda bumped into it but took it, didn't really look at me but she saw the butterflies and I think she wanted to thank the person who gave it to her. That's when she saw that it was me and said, "Michelle ! How was your exam ?" Me : " Good !!!" Lara : "Great !" and I thanked her while we had our hands on each other's arms. Guards were totally pushing her inside the limo but I remember her beautiful face as she went in.....WOW..amazing...

My friend and I couldn't believe that she asked about my exam !!! LOL After the 1st concert, I thought how stupid and dorky I was to have put that in. But now I realize that because of that, I was able to "talk" to Lara after the concerts!!! So, my advice to all- " Don't ever hesitate writing or telling anything to Lara. You never know what luck it may bring. " hehe !!


I would like to make a note to ALL of you who have helped me in every step of the way in making this dream come true.

Thank you for ALL your help,your love, your prayers. It means the world to me.

I am honored and touched to have you as my friends. I am really glad that I was able to give all of your fan letters to her in person. It's the least I can do to thank you...

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are dear to me... Thank you...

Thank you Lara for coming to Moscow and for such wonderful memories. I will forever treasure them in my heart.

I wish you a wonderful concert in Lebanon and to all the concerts to come.

You are our angel. On t'aime LARA...


By Michelle TAWADA from MOSCOU / L.A.