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In the Felix & Sandra's Footsteps
(Edel & Starck) ... in BERLIN
By Laetitia (LFW) - Updated 22/01/2012

"Sur les traces de Félix & Sandra à BERLIN"
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(Lire en Français)

Carnet de Route Edel & Starck à Berlin

Click here to see the Complete List of the shooting places
+ Click on the tab (Registerkarte)
"In English & In Deutsch"
(at the bottom of the file .htm)

The best Berlin's website [DE/EN/FR] to discover here

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100 % Edel & Starck Songs Playlist

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It's Not Unusual - Tom Jones
Music : TV-Serie Trailer
Video : TV-Serie Trailer

I apologize in advance if there are several mistakes in English
because I am not bilingual !

O nce upon a time… FELIX & SANDRA, two brilliant lawyers in BERLIN, at first sight they are opposed. FELIX is casual and impulsive, while SANDRA is gentle and severe and then...

The life reserves sometimes surprises, but strange as it may seem, it's the German TV Serie "Duet of Lawyers" (French Title) (Original Title : "Edel & Starck") made me want to visit BERLIN.

Through this Road Book, I am going to show you this "gigantic" and "beautiful" city, but also the shooting places of this TV Serie that I love.

BERLIN is an exciting and hallucinating city, constantly in move. A culturally rich city in which to live between oasis of greenery and lakes.

BERLIN has become for me a city dear to my heart where I met welcoming and so talented people and friends.


To more easily find a shooting place in my Road Book (like a pirate looking for a treasure ;-)), here a trick :

- With Internet Explorer here / hier

- With Google Chrome here / hier

Happy Treasure Hunt ! ;-))


This Road Book "In the FELIX & SANDRA's Footsteps (Edel & Starck)... in BERLIN" is divided into two parts : WEST BERLIN and EAST BERLIN.

This division has no relation with the Berlin Wall, it's "purely" geographical. I simply cut the map in half (lol) to help you to situate better the different BERLIN curiosities.

Before leaving , I recommend you to take at least :

- a detailed map of the "BERLIN" City
   (1: 20 000 / 1 cm = 200 meters)
: Click on here

- good walking shoes to walk in town

Note : To enlarge photos, click on them ! ;-)


Leibnizstraße 48

I recommend you the family pension "ALTE GALERIE" located in the North-West of BERLIN in the district of CHARLOTTENBURG. It's a very nice and welcoming pension nearby public transport ... essential in BERLIN because the distances to walk are multiplied by 3 or 4 compared to those from us.

Quick tip : To make profitable your travel around the city, I recommend you to buy the "7-Tage-Karte", ", the card for a whole week (32,30 € (Price 2009) and you will benefit from all public transport in BERLIN (Bus and Tram / U-Bahn (= Subway) / S-Bahn (= Urban Rail). Other forms : here.

I recommend you to buy the "7-Tage-Karte" at the TEGEL Airport, as soon as you land, the teller also will give you the complete plan (Bus / Tram / Subway / Urban Rail) !


Berlin Nord-Ouest

(included in City Map)

"Wasserfontäne" Fountain
Walter-Benjamin-Platz, Leibnizstraße

Very nice little square near from the Pension decorated with a beautiful fountain and arches.

It's named Walter Bendix Schönflies Benjamin (1892-1940) : philosopher, literary critic, art critic and German translator (from BALZAC, BAUDELAIRE and PROUST) in the first half of the Twentieth century, attached to FRANKFURT School.

More info on this philosopher here.

On this beautiful place, there were the shooting of "Edel & Starck" scenes from the following episodes :

- Season 2 - Episode # 19 : "Mord ist sein Hobby / God only knows / Dieu seul le sait" :

- Season 3 - Episode # 30 : "Der Spaltpilz / Discord / Zizanie" :

At the North of the "WALTER-BENJAMIN-PLATZ"

Erotic-point (former Berliner Erotikcenter) (Videos-club)
Sybelstraße 14 (near the Pension)

Erotic-point (former Berliner Erotikcenter) is the Videos-club where FELIX & SANDRA buy the porno videos (lol).

Also, we guess the building in the bottom and the streets Sybelstraße & Waitzstraße which join and form a curve.

This Videos-club gives rise to these scenes in the Episode # 25 (Season 2) : "Das Geschäft mit der Liebe / The Business of Love / Le Commerce de l'Amour" :

AKROPOLIS Taverna Antonakopoulos Georgios (Grek Restaurant)
Wielandstraße 38 / Niebuhrstraße
(near from Savigny Platz / Kanststraße)

This Greek restaurant is in the background of this scene from Episode # 15 (Season 2) : "Freund und Feind / Friend & Enemy / Ami & Ennemi" :


Klein Lummerland (Playground with Mario)
Wielandstraße 10

Klein Lummerland is the playground where FELIX & SANDRA discuss with the young boy MARIO about his futur.

We recognize on these 2 pictures, the different figurines  (See 1st, 2nd and 3rd screenshots below) :

and the place where FELIX, SANDRA & MARIO sit down, the basketball ground and the 2 tables tennis (See 4th, 5th and 6th screenshots below).

The Klein Lummerland gives rise to these scenes in the Episode # 15 (Season 2) : "Freund und Feind / Friend & Enemy / Ami & Ennemi" :

Knesebeckstraße (Near from Savigny Platz)

FELIX & SANDRA take Knesebeckstraße under one part of the bridge of the railway line not far from the Savigny Platz station.

On the screenshots below, we recognize very well the bridge, the traffic light and the small white posts (Pfosten, in Deutsch) on the sidewalk.

The shop windows where are exposed the wedding dresses ;-), it's the pedestrian street : Jeanne-Mammen-Bogen.

Perpendicular to Knesebeckstraße, it's the pedestrian Otto-Ludwig-Straße.

For those who are problems with the sense of direction (lol), FELIX & SANDRA run towards Kurfürstendamm (Ku'damm) and they have Savigny Platz behind their backs.

For information :

From Knesebeckstraße, to go to the "Edel & Starck"'s 2nd Chamber, take the same way than FELIX & SANDRA by following the arrows on the MAP OF PLACES below.

On foot, it's about 15 minutes.

Route to follow :

Departure : Green Flag

- Follow Knesebeckstraße until Kurfürstendamm (Ku'damm),

- Cross Kurfürstendamm (Ku'damm) and go across the street, still on Knesebeckstraße,

- Go to the end of Knesebeckstraße until Lietzenburger Straße,

- Turn left into Lietzenburger Straße,

- Take the 1st street on the right, Pfalzburger Straße and go to the end of this street.

Arrival : Red Flag

You will fall directly on Ludwigkirchplatz where is the "Edel & Starck"'s 2nd Chamber (at #10).

Knesebeckstraße gives rise to these scenes in the Episode # 16 (Season 2) "Eine fast perfekte Ehe / An almost perfect Couple / Un Couple presque parfait" :


Autorenbuchhandlung Berlin GmbH (Bookshop)
Carmerstraße 10 (Near from Savigny Platz)

This very cute little bookstore founded in 1976 gives rise to this scene between FELIX and the ex-wife of this young man writing beautiful love letters in the Episode # 47 (Season 4) : "Die Leiden des Felix E. / Lost unhappy Love affairs / Peines d'amour perdues" :

It's also in this beautiful episode that FELIX acknowledges to OTTO his love for SANDRA :

A-TRANE (Jazz-Blues Club)
Bleibtreustraße 1/Ecke Pestalozzistraße

A-TRANE is a Jazz Club in word class. The artistic choices are excellent, like the Berlin and German scene, which has very talented musicians. Big stars are also on view.

The framework, acoustics, comfort is flawless.

The menu is varied and affordable.

It's essential to book.

The  Jazz  Club is  in  this  scene  from the Episode # 50 (Season 4) :    "Der X-Punkt / The X-Point / Le Point X" :

Renaissance Theater
Knesebeckstraße 100 / Hardenbergstraße

Bookings :

The Renaissance Theater founded in 1922 by the young Viennese writer Theodor Tagger is the only theater that has retained its original buildings used as evidence in the development of theatrical life in 1920s in BERLIN.

Mushroom "Entenbrunnen" Fountain

In the middle of a rectangular form, a rounded pool on a double reinforced base, there is a mushroom. Around the pool were arranged symmetrically two groups of three sitting duck ; the work of the sculptor August Gaul.

More infos here.

This theater gives rise to the indoor scene in the Episode # 6 (Season 1) : "Wunderkinder / Children Prodigies / Enfants Prodiges" :

"Brunnenanlage" Fountain
Ernst-Reuter-Platz, Rondell

The "Brunnenanlage" Fountain is located near the Renaissance Theater on the Ernst Reuter Platz.

Polizeiwache Abschnitt 24 / 28
Kaiserdamm 1

It's the Police Station where is FELIX after being arrested for drug possession (lol) in the Episode # 7 (Season 1) : "Eiertanz / Pussyfooting / Valse hésitation" :

For your information in this Police Station there are 2 Directions : Abschnitt 24 and Abschnitt 28. An address that can always be used in case of problems ! (lol).


Schlossstraße 1
Bus # 109 at Olivaerplatz
Stop : Luisenplatz / Schloss Charlottenburg Station

The Berggruen Museum in BERLIN located opposite the Charlottenburg Palace presents an exceptional collection of works by Pablo PICASSO, Paul KLEE, Henri MATISSE, Alberto GIACOMETTI and Georges BRAQUE which give an interesting overview of pioneering schools in the early Twentieth century.

Heinz Berggruen was born in BERLIN in 1914 and debuted as a journalist for the Frankfurter Zeitung, before fleeing to the United States in 1936. He returned to Germany at the end of the war as an U.S. citizen.

In 1947, he moved to PARIS where, after having unearthed an album of drawings by Toulouse-Lautrec, he opened a gallery on the Dauphine Place, in the Island City. André BRETON, Paul ELUARD, Tristan TZARA are soon to intermediate artists.

Heinz Berggruen acquired an international reputation in the field of prints, etchings, lithographs, especially after having organized the first exhibition of prints by KLEE in 1950 and "cut papers" of MATISSE in 1953. He even began to buy KLEE and PICASSO paintings that he accumulates dozens.

He acknowledges : "I was my best customer !".

In 1996, he moved back to BERLIN and took with him his beautiful collection which he donated to the German State in 2000.

Spandauer Damm Straße

I urge you to come you walk because it's truly a beautiful and relaxing place !

Begun in 1695, with his originally name Lietzenburg, name of the site at that time, the "Charlottenburg" Palace located opposite at the Berggruen Museum was built in Baroque style by the architect Nering. He was commissioned by the Queen Sophie-Charlotte, wife of Frederick III of Prussia, Elector of Brandenburg.

After his coronation in 1701 as King of Prussia, with the name of Frederick I, the palace, originally designed as a summer residence (Sommerhaus), has been enlarged by the architect Eosander von Göthe in a magnificent building. After the death of his wife in 1705, Frederick was renamed his palace : "Charlottenburg" in her memory.

From 1709 to 1712, he made further expansions, including the turrets and the orangery. It has sometimes been designated within the Charlottenburg Palace : the "Amber Room" (Bernsteinzimmer), a room whose walls are decorated with panels of amber, as the "eighth wonder of the world".

The idea came from DANTZIG and KÖNIGSBERG, where Gottfried WOLFFRAM, SCHACHT and Ernst ottfried TURAU had prepared plans in 1701-09. hall was built under the guidance of famous Andreas Schlüter.

After the death of Frederick I in 1713, Charlottenburg has entered a new phase of its life with his new owner, the King Frederick-William I of Prussia. He offered the Amber Room in 1716 to the Russian Tsar Peter the Great. Then, just after his death in 1740, the new king Frederick II of Prussia instructed Knobelsdorff to build a new wing. Subsequently, Frederick privileged the Sans-Souci Palace in Potsdam (See below) at the expense of Charlottenburg.

Under the reign of his nephew Frederick-William II (1744-1797), LANGHANS constructed the Little Orangery, the Belvedere and a theater (1790) which closes the whole west. The king also redecorate and build new parts in order to live the palace in winter (Winterkammern). The kings of Prussia stay there regularly until the end of the reign of Frederick-William IV.

Abandoned to the Frederick-William IV's death in 1861, the palace was nationalized : November 9, 1918, it's from his balcony that the Weimar Republic is proclaimed. The bombing of the Second World War having severely damaged, years were needed for its reconstruction ; works ending in 1966.

Gardens of CHARLOTTENBURG Palace (Free Entry)

Thanks to his cousin the Duchess of Orleans, Queen Sophie-Charlotte had visited in France, the Le Nôtre's Gardens which had made a great impression. So it's the pupil of Le Nôtre, Siméon Godeau, who develops in 1697 the Charlottenburg Park which is applied the strict geometry of a "French" garden.

In the early Nineteenth century, Peter Joseph Lenné redraws the gardens in "English" style park. Completely destroyed by bombs, the park was redeveloped after the war as an original combination : restored according to the canons of the "French" garden in its central part, it keeps around the liberty of an "English" garden.

The CHARLOTTENBURG Palace is in the Episode # 18 (Season 2) : "Ferrari fahren und sterben / The Place of Dead / La Place du mort" :

SCHINKEL-Pavillon (Neuer Pavillon)

This summer residence of Frederick-William III (1825) based on a Neapolitan villa, the villa Chiatamone, where had been the ruler. This villa had so pleased to him that he gives it as model to Schinkel.

The interior is really emblematic of the trend "Biedermeier" which brands Germany in the first half of Nineteenth century : simple, comfortable and modest, which is surprising in the remains of a king. The entire pavilion is a lovely testament to the art of the time of Frederick-William III, with furniture and antiques, paintings by Schinkel and especially the works of Romantic painter Caspar David FRIEDRICH.


The Belvedere (1789-1790), designed by Carl Gotthard LANGHANS, was the "tea house" of Frederick-William II. He organized meetings including spiritualism he was smitten. Its facade in pastel and white colors is a simple news that moves away from rococo architecture and shows the neoclassicism. The Belvedere houses a small museum of the Royal Porcelain Factory in BERLIN, which illustrates the history of Berlin porcelain in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth centuries.

Berliner Präparationswerkstatt (Taxidermist)
Kamminerstraße 7 / Mindenerstraße

The FELIX's taxidermist who gives him allergies (lol).

Just to live this memorable and compelling scene of the Episode # 49 (Season 4) : "Mit Haut und Haaren / Allergy / Allergie", I invite you to go there (lol).


Olympiastadion Berlin GmbH
Olympischer Platz 3

The Olympic Stadium (Olympiastadion Berlin, in Deutsch) is a sports stadium located in the district of WESTEND, within the borough of CHARLOTTENBURG-WILMERSDORF. Apart from its use Olympic stadium has a strong football tradition. It has also been used for three matches of the FIFA World Cup in 1974, hosted six matches including the final of the FIFA World Cup in 2006. The final of the German Cup Football Association (DFB-Pokal) is held each year.

The stadium has a capacity of 74 064 seats, expandable to 74 228, and has 76 luxury suites and 4 226 business class seats.

1916-1934: Deutsches Stadion

The first stadium built on the site has a capacity of 32 000 seats which was inaugurated in July 1913, to be dedicated to the Summer Olympics of 1916. But they were canceled because of World War I and the stage is then renamed German stage ("Deutsches Stadion", in Deutsch).

A stadium for the Olympic Games

In 1931, BERLIN was designated to host the Summer Olympics of 1936. Hosting the Olympics in the capital allows Nazis came to power in 1933, to use sport in their propaganda.

Werner MARCH is then designated to make the new Olympic Stadium. 42 millions marks (about 23 million euros today) are being spent to build an enclosure from 86 000 to 110 000 seats, depending on configurations.

The Olympic Stadium gives rise to this scene in the Episode # 7 (Season 1) : "Eiertanz / Pussyfooting / Valse hésitation" :


(Outside City Map)

Berlin Nord-Ouest Hors-Plan de la Ville

MS DEUTSCHLAND Restaurantschiff
Greenwichpromenade / Steg. 7

MS DEUTSCHLAND is a classic passenger vessel built in 1943. Today, it's a boat-restaurant on the pier 7 of the Greenwich Promenade, on the Tegel Lake in Berlin Reinickendorf.

Here you can relax in a warm atmosphere.

This boat-restaurant gives rise to this magnificent scene between SANDRA and this arrogance lawyer who has a very particular view of women-lawyers :-( in the Episode # 48 (Season 4) : "Liebespoker / Lover Poker / Poker amoureux" :


(included in City Map)

At the South of the "WALTER-BENJAMIN-PLATZ"

2nd "Edel & Starck" Chamber
Ludwigkirchplatz 10

Ludwigkirchplatz is a little more pleasant places of BERLIN. A small square really nice and relaxing surrounded by bars and restaurants.

When I come to BERLIN, I spend many moments to browse, to observe, to discuss and picnicking (lol).

It's on this cute small square that most of the "Edel & Starck" scenes were shooted, for the simple reason, here there is the FELIX & SANDRA's 2nd Chamber (Seasons 2 to 4) (N.B. : The 1st Chamber of our two lawyers is situated in the district of Prenzlauer Berg, North - East of Berlin - See NORTH-EAST).

The front door of the "Edel & Starck" Chamber
located at # 10

The scene of the last episode of the TV serie, Episode # 52 (Season 4) : "Das jüngste Gericht - Teil 2 / The doomsday - Part 2 / Le jugement dernier - Partie 2" is absolutely beautiful and is one of the most beautiful scenes of the TV Serie :

Ludwigkirchplatz 9


It's the Café situated in the opposite of the FELIX & SANDRA's Chamber where they take every day their Cappucino ;-) :

OTTENTHAL Café also gives rise to another magnificent indoor scene of Episode # 52 (Season 4) : "Das jüngste Gericht - Teil 2 / The doomsday - Part 2 / Le jugement dernier - Partie 2":

Pariserstraße 45 / Ludwigkirchplatz

The JANSSEN Gallery is located at the corner of Pariserstraße and Ludwigkirchplatz.

This nice small shop was founded late 1970 by Volker JANSSEN, a dad hand very known in BERLIN. It offers a wide range of Blu-ray, DVD, books, magazines, posters, postcards, calendars, photographs and pictures.

The Gallery is in the background in this scene from the Episode # 18 (Season 2) : "Ferrari fahren und sterben / The Place of Dead / La Place du mort":

Photographer Studio
Pfalzburger Straße
(At South, near from Ludwigkirchplatz & Galerie JANSSEN)

The white and blue building
Pfalzburger Straße 75

Here the white & blue building located on Pfalzburger Straße at the # 75.

Note : from Ludwigkirchplatz, take at the South, Pfalzburger Straße going towards Düsseldorferstraße   (See  Map of Places below).

We see this building when FELIX leaves the photographer who has failed to smash face in and after a scene with SANDRA for this story of nude pictures that she prepares to do. (See 1st screenshot below).

Pfalzburger Straße 72

The GABI GARKE MODE store is located on Pfalzburger Straße at the # 72.

FELIX passes by this store. We recognize very well the repointed front with the logo of the store and the street lamp on this picture.

A large window with an arc as a sun replaced the 2 small windows which existed at the time of "Edel & Starck"'s shooting ;-) (See 2nd and 3rd screenshots below).

The white & blue building and the GABI GARKE MODE store give rise to these scenes in the Episode # 29 (Season 3) : "Mutproben / Tests of courage / Epreuves de courage":

"Brunnenschale mit Fontäne" Fountain

Near from Ludwigkirchplatz, a garden overlooking the church where situated the "Brunnenschale mit Fontäne" Fountain.

A quiet greenery where you can also picnic and read a book in peace...


FASANENPLATZ is the place where BIENE / BEA sings "Surrender [Listen to here]" from Elvis Presley.

This little square is located near Ludwigkirchplatz where is situated the FELIX & SANDRA's 2nd Chamber.

The fire hydrant

The fire hydrant is located on Fasanenstraße just on the opposite fashion store FASANEN 40 and the cocktails bar RUM TRADER (See below).

It's this fire hydrant that we see at the beginning of this beautiful scene in the Episode # 13 (Season 1) : "Das Gericht tanzt / The Court enjoys / Le Tribunal s'amuse":

Corner Fasanenstraße 41 / Ludwigkirchstraße 14

Immerse yourself in the friendly atmosphere of the SALUMERIA VIA LODOVICO Restaurant, located on Fasanenstraße.

The friendly staff, serves Italian specialties (Italienische Feinkost, in Deutsch).

We advise you to taste the entries that are succulent or indulge in the cheese plate !

Note that the take-away is possible.

We guess the sign of SALUMERIA VIA LODOVICO Restaurant on the screenshot below :

MENZEL & MENZEL Fashion Store
Fasanenstraße 41

MENZEL & MENZEL located on Fasanenstraße, is an exclusive fashion store first and second hand.

We guess the logo of the MENZEL & MENZEL Fashion Store on the top near the string of lights or on the right side of the roadsign on the screenshot below :

AGO Galerie Berlin
Meierottostraße 1 / Am Fasanenplatz

AGO Galerie Berlin founded in 1977 (since 1981 on Fasanenplatz), is the place where you can find paintings, drawings, prints and objects from eighteenth to twentieth centuries.

It's in front of AGO Galerie Berlin that FELIX waits PATRIZIA before going to the RIZZ Café to do a pool. Also, we recognize the red garden bench in front of the gallery that you can see on the screenshot below :

FASANEN 40 Fashion Store
Fasanenstraße 40
(Corner Ludwigkirchstraße & Fasanenstraße)

FASANEN 40 located on Fasanenstraße, is a clothing brands store and products from the world of fashion and design.

You will find unique and unusual clothing.

RUM TRADER Cocktails Bar
Fasanenstraße 40
(Corner Ludwigkirchstraße & Fasanenstraße)

RUM TRADER is located next to FASANEN 40, extremely quiet and yet, this cocktails bar is since 30 years old an institution in BERLIN and worth the trip !

The bar is extremely small and contain few large maximum 15 people.

Inside the bar, tiled and gilded facade, its walls painted in dark green and bathed in orange hanging lamps provide an intimate and soft light. The furniture is all black and was kept in the style of the 60s.

The bar is of origin and dressed in speakers which fit in very well with the atmosphere.

We could also say that the RUM TRADER is a machine back in time in the middle of last century.

You will be greeted by the master of the house dressed in a vest, bow tie and pocket watch ;-)

It's in front of FASANEN 40 that SANDRA waits SONIA (her "lesbian" client) before moving in front of the RUM TRADER (which we guess the first letter on the 3rd screenshot below)...

and going to eat a Falafel [ENG] / Falafel [DE] certainly in the neighborhood.


AM KUDAM Bowling
Kurfürstendamm 156, (am Lehniner Platz)

Ah, that famous Bowling ! ;-) It's located on one of the most beautiful avenues in BERLIN, the Kurfürstendamm and more commonly called the Ku'damm. It's the busiest avenue in WEST BERLIN.

Old road of logs that Electors borrowed to go hunting. Bismarck turned into luxury artery often compared to the Champs-Elysées : hawkers cons luxury shops.

It's very pleasant to walk to the atmosphere, because, with its many shops and restaurants, the Ku'damm is always bustling.

This Bowling gives rise to these beautiful scenes of Episodes # 51 & # 52 (Season 4) : "Das jüngste Gericht - Teile 1 & 2 / The doomsday - Parts 1 & 2 / Le jugement dernier - Parties 1 & 2":

Kurfürstendamm 153, (am Lehniner Platz)

"SCHAUBÜHNE" Café is located near the Bowling.

It gives rise to this scene of the Episode # 44 (Season 4) : "Adel verpflichtet / Kind Hearts and Coronets / Noblesse Oblige":


Equestrian REITSPORT Shop
Hohenzollerndamm 34

The "REITSPORT" store offers the largest equestrian activity in BERLIN (500 m2).

You will find hallucinatory and strange things (lol).

The store gives rise to this scene in the Episode # 17 (Season 2) : "Seintensprung am Weidezaun / Stallion of the ladies / L'étalon de ces dames":



The one-way street where FELIX is stopped and checked by the police officer before arresting (mdrrrr) is the Markobrunnerstraße between the # 4 and the # 6, located in the borough of Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf.

We recognize very well the Markobrunnerstraße on these 2 pictures and specially on the 2nd because it's the place where FELIX thro